About Me

I was raised as a reader in a family of readers.  Trips to the library were common when I was a kid.  And even as an alienated and rebelling teen, I frequently spent time in the library trying to find books that would offend my parents and prove what a dangerous kid I was.  But I stopped reading fun fiction for the most part when I went to college.  Who had time for pleasure reading when you had thousands of pages to read for your classes?

My re-introduction to reading for the fun of it came when I started flying in planes for work.  Long hours in a tin can hurtling around the country gave me time to burn and my upbringing brought me back to books.  I tried adult fiction but it bored me.  I tried non-fiction, but it reminded me too much of college and reading for exams.  My (now ex-)wife suggested a fantasy book she had enjoyed as a kid.  I took it and was totally engrossed and I expanded out from there.  That was 2001 and I hadn’t picked up a book targeted for children in twenty years.  

I started taking kidlit with me on the plane.  It raised eyebrows occasionally but I enjoyed it and it helped me pass the time.  It was only after a few years, in 2005, that I decided to start documenting what I was reading when a friend suggested creating a blog. Blogging was a different experience because now I was sharing my interest with a larger world.  Many people blog for money and for the work they put into their reviews, they probably deserve to get paid.  I’ve never had such ambitions.  I read for fun and my “reviews” are mostly just notes about the book.  My comments are amateurish and my tastes notably pedestrian.

As a rule, I rarely agree with the consensus about a particular book (my favorite books tend to be all over the place, while I rarely have much good to say about Newbery and Printz winners). I have little patience for the types of politically correct books that librarians adore and even less for the formulaic romances that are commercial successes.  I’ve never read a single book in the Twilight series or a Harry Potter book.  If all I did was write nice things about popular (or critically-acclaimed) books, what would be the point in reading this blog?

For a period of time, publishers would send me free review copies but they eventually realized that I wasn’t going to pimp their books and hardly anyone read what I was writing anyway.  It never really mattered because most of my books came from the public library and I was going to read whatever the hell I wanted!  And what did I want to read?  I tended to like books about relationships and love and coming of age, and that generally translated to books for teen girls. I think that is rather unfortunate that boys won't touch these books, but I guess I wouldn't have read them when I was a teen boy either (even though I was writing stuff like that back then).